How to Win CSC Scholarship via University Through Category B


If you plan to pursue your studies in China then CSC Scholarship provides opportunities to students to study in their leading universities.

The problem is most of the students fail to fill the form of CSC Scholarship due to having less Knowledge of application procedure which results in the automatic rejection from the university end.

However, this article is written from the scratch which helps you out to fill the form according to university criteria. Moreover, content of the article would give you glimpse of whole application procedure.

What is CSC Scholarship?

Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) or Chinese Scholarship Council is awarded and offered by Chinese Scholarship Council to International Students in Chinese universities affiliated with CSC. These Scholarships are awarded through agencies like Chinese Government Scholarship through University and the Chinese Embassy in other countries which may diplomatic relations with China.

Moreover, the no of Universities are 274 offering this fully funded scholarship. The admission process is generally started from December to April every year.Whereas one may find last date to apply vary from university to university in China Scholarships. I would recommended to mark up the Calendar for each university

CSC Scholarship Categories

  • CSC Scholarship Category A

You may go for this Category If you wish to apply through Chinese Embassy. In this blog we will only deal with this category step by step. Since the nominating agency is HEC on behalf of Govt. of Pakistan for these Scholarships in the academic year 2021-2022.

Note: And this same procedure will hold true for nominating agencies of those countries which have diplomatic relation with China but the Agency number will vary from country to Country. We will see in the following procedure to apply through nominating agency.

  • CSC Scholarship Category B

You may select this category B, if you apply Via University. You can apply in 3 University through this category according to new rules set by Chinese Scholarship Council.

  • CSC Scholarship Category C

You can select Category C when you apply through other sources.

Since you have come to know the difference between the categories. let’s follow steps to apply online through category B.

How to Apply For CSC Scholarship Via University through Category B

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The Following Steps will provide you the right path to apply for CSC Scholarship

  • Find good University of your Interest 
  • Contact with the Professor of your selected University

  • Sign Up For CSC Online Application 

Here is a Step by Step guide on How to Apply For CSC Scholarship Via University

  • Find good University of your Interest 

If you are willing to pursue your higher studies in of the best universities of China then you have to find some good Universities of your interest and having your department in it which must be affiliated with CGS. And the subject wise universities may be found from the following link.

Link: Subject Wise University List

  • Contact with the Professor of your selected University

Since you have select your desired university. Now it is mandatory to find the Professor with whom you can contact through email and pursue him/her to accept you as his student. If you succeeded in getting the acceptance letter from the professor, your chances would be more to hunt the scholarship. However, this is not the end of the application.

  • How you can contact the professor for Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarship if you are applying via university.

You can contact the professor via email through your desired University. You have to just browse your desired university. You may easily find the detailed information of your professor under whose supervision you want to study.

The detailed information of your professor tell you about his publications and this information you can use to pursue him/her to accept you student.

You may find on internet thousands of email sample to professor for Acceptance letter 1 and email sample for Acceptance letter 2.

And this email which you send to your professor will decide whether you get the acceptance letter from him/her or not. I would recommend that your this email should be well prepared that it can easily pursue him/her.

  • Sign Up For CSC Online Application 

Once you get the Acceptance letter from your professor which you may upload later in the document portion and for that you need to fill a CSC online application form through CSC student login. Since you are a new user. It is important to create an account in order to fill  online form. Or if you already hold an account then simply sign and apply at below link.

Link: CSC Student Login

Sign and Apply

Once you have signed in. You will see Instructions for Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (CGSIS). It is important to read the instructions very carefully to get an idea. If once you gone through the instructions then start application by clicking “Application Online.

  • Fill Input Personal Details

Now you will see the main part of the application. you have to start your application by editing your personal details. you cannot move to other part of the application unless you complete your personal details. So click on the blue color “Edit Personal Details “ button in order to run your application step by step and smoothly.

Edit Personal Details

Alright, once you click the Edit personal Details, on the next page you will see and find separate categories of Personal Information, Education and Employment History and other Contacts under this category of Personal Details.

Let’s fill the Personal Information with dummy variables followed by Education and Employment History and other contacts respectively.

Since you have provided your personal information before to move on to next step. It is mandatory to give your authentic email and Skype No so that they may easily contact you and can reach you regarding application process if any. Now just verify the information you have provided is correct, if yes then save it.

The next page followed by personal information is about Education and Employment History, let’s fill it.

CSC Scholarship

After filling the Education and Employment History and other Contacts (if you have someone in the China just fill the box otherwise leave it empty and just save it).

  • Fill Input Application Information via Category B

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Now, the most important part of the application is to put input application information. We have three categories in it, Category A, Category B, and Category C, since we are applying via university through category B. So we will select category B.

CSC Scholarship

Click on the “Type B Application” button and you are taken to the next page of “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” the most important part of the application.

This part of the application requires Agency No. Though we are applying via university through category B so we have to provide the Agency No of the university which is 1098 and you can easily browse this Agency No. if you are not sure about it.

CSC Scholarship

Unlikely, when we apply via nominating agency through category A.Then every country has their own Agency No. like HEC provides Agency No. 5861 when you apply through category A as nominating agency.Except to it this whole procedure of applying online will hold true/same.

  • Upload Supporting Documents

When once everything is verified then just save it. The last part of the application is to upload the documents . However, if you failed to upload the required documents, it would lead to automatic rejection. You must carefully look out for possible documents if missing but if documents are available then you must upload clear, authentic and valid scan copy of each document required on the portal.




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