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Fulbright Scholarship Program for Pakistan 2024 |Fully Funded

Fulbright Scholarship 2024

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers great opportunity for PhD scholars who are interested in their lectureship, post-doctoral research or both. This program support scholars in their communities through research. Fulbright scholar will have an opportunity to conduct research at U.S. colleges or Universities. Moreover, They will be also be accompanied to the U.S bu one fully funded dependent of the selected candidate.

This year program is a yearlong fully Funded program for PhD scholars, professional and artists from all fields. The selected scholars for this Fulbright post-doc opportunity will also share their culture and norms with U.S. students, colleagues as well as community groups while staying their for 12 months. Likewise, they have to also share their knowledge and experiences which they got during their 12-monthe stay in the United States which contribute to their home society’s development.

One does not require an IELTS/TOEFL for this unique opportunity. Approximately 15 scholars will be selected for the year 2024. Out of these 15 selected scholars, 13 slots are for the faculty and the researchers who are in the early stages of their research work which is from 2-7 years. The remaining two slots in this fully funded Fulbright program are for senior scholars who are 8-15 years from the completion of their Ph.D. or terminal degree.

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP)is open for the 2024 Fulbright Scholar program. This program aim to foster Cultural exchange, norms between U.S and Pakistan. The interested Applicants must have a clear and well-prepared research proposal which must explain how their work will benefit their Pakistani community. This Fulbright scholarship produce dedicated and deserving scholars and through this scholar they may contribute to their country’s progress.

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Fulbright Scholar Program for Pakistan 2024 in the USA:

Host Country

  • United States

Administered By

  • United States Education Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP)

Duration of the Fulbright Program 2024

  • The duration of this unique Fulbright scholarship is up to 12 months

Benefits of the Fulbright Scholar Program in the USA 2024:

1. Research Allowance
Full bright scholars will receive support in their research endeavors
2. Living Stipend
Full bright scholars will be provided with a living stipend
3. Dependent Support
Scholars can bring as many dependents as they have however, one dependent is fully funded.
4. Health Insurance
scholar is also provided with comprehensive health insurance coverage
5. Visa Assistance
USEFP also offers assistance with vise processing for selected scholars.
Airfare Grant
Scholars will also receive assistance with their airfare costs.

Eligibility Criteria of the Fulbright Scholar Program in the USA 2024:

1. Professionals, Scholars, and artists form all fields (except clinical medicine) are eligible
2. Interested Applicants must have a PhD or terminal degree in their relevant field
3. Only Pakistani Citizen can apply for this scholarship who are residing and working in Pakistan
4. Women and disabled persons from AJK, KPK, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Sindh, and Southern Punjab are highly encouraged to apply
5. Dual US/Pakistani Citizens are not eligible
6. Applicants who have a US national spouse or a US national child above 18 years of age can not apply.
7. Applicants who have been studying in the US or in a long-term program for the last five years are ineligible.
8. Employees and dependents of USEFP, or the U.S. Department of State can not apply
9. Candidates on work Visa in the US can not apply

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How to apply for the Fulbright Program 2024 in the USA?

1. Interested Applicants has to complete the online application process
2. Candidates have to submit all application materials (original and one copy), including references, to USEFP.
3. Being an applicant you have to thoroughly the ” the Application Instructions” after logging in before completing the forms.
4. If you want to get selected then Develop a clear, well formulated proposal proposal about what they would like to accomplish in the U.S. and their relevance to work in Pakistan.
5. Applicant must submit and get a reference letter from professional highlighting the applicant’s work and character
6. Applicant should explain how the grant period will be utilized and its expected outcomes.
7.Being an Applicant you must ensure that all application questions are answered comprehensively.
8. Do not wait for the Last day to apply. Apply as soon as possible for Fulbright Scholar right now.

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Fulbright Scholarship Deadline:

The application deadline is September 20, 2023. Don’t miss this unique opportunity in order to be part of the Fulbright Scholar Program. Apply today!

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