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Top Captcha Typing Job to try in 2024 (Earn Rs. 10,000)

This article will help you to find the best captcha entry jobs in 2024 with verified reviews and earnings.  You have to pick the best among the top captcha typing job sites and you can earn up to Rs. 10,000/month from home.

If you are looking for simple online work from –home, then Captcha entry job is one of them. You can earn around Rs. 10,000 or more every month by working in their free time.

Although earnings may not be up to your expectations yet you may find this job very easy that you can do in free time. You just need to sign up with the companies which provides CAPTCHA entry work. Then your login into your account and then start typing the correct Captcha images.

 If you do not know about what Captcha actually is and how does it work? Then read this article here, you will come to know about every bit of Captcha entry job.

But if you are already aware about what Captcha typing jobs and you are looking for those sites that provide Captcha work, then you are most welcome to this site and continue reading this article.

Table of Contents

2.Mega Typers
3.Captcha Typers
4.Pro Typers

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10 best Captcha Entry Job sites

If you want to earn a good income from Captcha entry work, then one of the most important requirement is your typing speed. If you have a typing speed of more than 30+ words per minute, then can earn more than others.

Following are the names of the best Captcha entry sites and some important information regarding them.

1. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is top international Captcha entry job providers. If you type correctly 1000 Captcha images, then they pay you $0.35 to $1 for every 1000 Captcha images.  If you want to check out the latest payment stats of the top 100 people, then you may amaze that they earn between $100 to $200 a month.

You must keep this in your mind that they follow very strict rules, can ban your account if you make mistakes continuously. However, you get payment from Kolotibablo through Payza or WebMoney.

So what you are waiting for, you can start working as soon as you sign up and login to your acoount.

Visit the Website

2. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is free to Join and it is also one of the top work provider for Captcha entry jobs

If you want to know how much experienced and top typers then this may also amaze you that they earn between $100 to $250 per month. However, being a beginner you can earn up to $0.45 per 1000-word images typed and experienced people earn $1.5 per 1000-word images types and with the passage of time one becomes an experienced from the beginner.

MegaTypers has different sources for the payment they pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal. WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza, and Western Union. If you want to sign up for MegaTypers then you need an invitation code.

How you can get an invitation code? You can search Google for different invitation codes and you can try one of them.

Visit the Website

3. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers is free to Join and it is also another one of the top work provider for Captcha entry jobs you would find many scam sites or people would ask you for the registration fee for the admin panel of CaptchaTypers. You do not pay them because the admin of CaptchaTypers is free.

In order to get this free you just need to send them email @ [email protected] for login details & they will provide you login details free of cost.

However, if the Captchas are case-sensitives, then you would be notified. Then you have to download the latest CapchaTypers softwares from this link.  They can pay you upto $1.5 per 1000 for confident captcha images.

Visit the Website

4. ProTypers

ProTypers is also one of the top work provider for Captcha entry jobs.  It is similar to MegaTypers. You would find same details on the site that you find on the site of MegaTypers. In this ProTypers You can also earn between $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 Captacha images you solve.

They pay you your payment through PayPal, Payza, Western Union, etc.

Visit the Website

5. Captcha2Cash

You would find many people who has been earning good income by working on Captcha2Cash. What you need to do is to download the latest software then sign up and work through the software

When you log in, you will find some useful information like FAQs & others that will surely help you to work smoothly Cash2Captcha and can resolve your queries, if any. You can withdraw your payment from Payza & Perfect Money.

You would get $1 from Cash2Captcha for every 1000 text you type from captcha images.

Visit the Website

6. 2Captcha

Here in this 2Captcha you can earn up to $1 when you solve 1000 Captchas. Moreover, you also receive bonus when you solve quite complicated Captchas. This 2captchas has refereed program it means you can also earn by referring more people as you want to 2Captcha

When you sign up and as soon your login to their site, you will immediately start earning. You can withdraw payment by PayPal, Payza & WebMoney. Moreover, payment withdraw requirement is different for each. The minimum Payout for WebMoney is $0.5, and for Paypal is $5. Pay for Payza is $1.

Visit the Website

7. Qlinkgroup

Qlinkgroup is free.  Most people would ask for money to provide you with an admin panel for QlinkGroup but it is totally free so do not get fooled by such people or sites. What you need to have access of Qlinkgroup, you have to download the Software to work with Qlink Group.

When you download the Qlink Group software then you need to check each and every detail provided to work with software.

Visit the Website

8. Workzly

Workzly Website belongs to India. Which is accessible worldwide. They do not pay you in dollars but they pay only few paise for every captcha code that you fill in.  According to unconfirmed reports.  You can earn as high as Rs. 10,000 per month. This is only possible when you simply work for 3 to 4 hours & a day extra

However, there are some evidence on some of the websites that their users have earned up to Rs. 800 in a week by only working for three hours daily for continuously 5 days. So if you want to earn money than just register on this website.

Visit the Website

9. FastTypers

What you need is to scan and send copies of your photo ID and utility bills in order to join FastTypers.

You can follow the following link for further Information

Visit the Website

10. PixProfit

PixProfit is also one of the good site that also pay you good for your work. However, this time their registration is closed at present but you may visit their website to keep in touch. We will try to inform you by updating our article if they open the signup again.  But this time you have to visit their Website at

Visit the Website.

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So, you have come to know about the top 10 sites for Captcha entry work. It will be very difficult for you to work on each site on same time. So you have to think that which sites you like the most and why. If you have thought about it then start working on a few from the list.

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