MCQS Of Computer Fundamentals

The binary Code Decimal uses?
(a) 6 bits
(b) 32 bits
(c) 16 bits
(d) 32
Answer: a

Which one is billionth of a second?
(a) Terabyte
(b) Gigabyte
(c) Microsecond
(d) Nanosecond
Answer: d

The two kinds of main memory are?
(a) RAM & ROM
(b) Primary & Secondary
(c) Cache Memory
(d) None of these
Answer: a

What we also call RAM memory?
(a) Virtual Memory
(b) In volatile Memory
(c) Volatile Memory
(d) Both A&C
Answer: c

What we also call the main memory of computer?
(a) Primary storage
(b) Secondary storage
(c) Cache Memory
(d) Hard disk
Answer: a

Data that can be stored in a CD?
(a) 800 MB
(b) 700 MB
(c) 600 MB
(d) 500 MB
Answer: b

What we call those programs which are stored in ROM?
(a) Formware
(b) Farmware
(c) Firmware
(d) Fireware
Answer: c

Cache memory acts b/w?
(a) RAM & ROM
(b) CPU & Hard disk
(c) CPU & RAM
(d) All of these
Answer: c

Internal Hard disk is?
(a) Fixed
(b) Not Fixed
(c) Removable but not fixed
(d) Removable
Answer: a

Analog computer works on the principle of?
(a) Continuous electrical pulses
(b) Magnetic strength
(c) Physical Strength
(d) Natural strength
Answer: a

Which program detect overall system malfunction?
(a) System analysis
(b) System software
(c) System diagnostics
(d) Utilities
Answer: c

Why backup and recovery procedures are primarily implemented to?
(a) To show different versions of data and program
(b) To provide data redundancy
(c) Handled the contingency when a file gets corrupted
(d) All of these
Answer: c

The latest expensive OCR units can read?
(a) Machine printed numbers
(b) Hand printed numbers
(c) Handwriting
(d) Marks
Answer: d

Which one is not the memory component of computer?
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) PROM
(d) SAM
Answer: d

What we call the main folder on a storage device?
(a) Interface
(b) Platform
(c) Root directory
(d) All of these
Answer: c

Which one is a fast main memory and slow peripheral memory handled by system software?
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) Cache Memory
(d) Virtual Memory
Answer: d

Which one is non impact printer?
(a) Line printer
(b) Laser
(c) Dot-Matrix
(d) Daisy wheel
Answer: b

Digitizer is also called as?
(a) Digital audio player
(b) Digital Video editor
(c) Input device
(d) output device
Answer: c

Computers which are artificial intelligence belongs to?
(a) 1st generation
(b) 3rd generation
(c) 4th generation
(d) 5th generation
Answer: d

Speed to laser printer is measured in?
(a) Dots Per inch
(b) Words per minute
(c) Pages per minute
(d) Lines per minute
Answer: c



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